When is the Tony Hawk Last Trick Collection Drop?

As published on October 27th, each icon’s Regular Season Collection will be made available for purchase in an Early Access Period (for users that hold one or more of that icon’s Preseason Access Pass by the Early Access Deadline) and a Public Drop, while supplies last. If you complete a set - collecting all five items in the same rarity - by the 'Activation Deadline' you will be eligible to receive an Immortal Statue in that rarity. See below for all of the times you need to know. If you have questions on any of the times, please refer back to the previous blog post. Please keep an eye out for the official Terms and Conditions for this Drop!
Icon Collection Tony Hawk Last Trick Collection
Early Access Deadline 12/14/2021 at 3pm ET
Early Access Period Start Time 12/14/2021 at 5pm ET
Early Access Period End Time 12/16/2021 at 3pm ET
Public Drop Start Time 12/16/2021 at 5pm ET
Reveal Date 12/21/2021 at 3pm ET
Activation Deadline 1/04/2021 at 2pm ET

How much are the Tony Hawk collectibles? How many are there?

Icon Collection Tony Hawk Last Trick Collection
Total Collectible Quantity in all Mystery Containers 16,600
Price Per Mystery Container USD $40.00
Collectible Per Mystery Container One

What are the collectibles I could receive in my Tony Hawk mystery container?

Each Mystery Container you purchase could have a different Collectible inside. By purchasing a mystery container, you’re accepting that you are purchasing one of the Collectibles below (other than the Immortal Statutes, which aren’t inside any Mystery Container).
# Rarity Collectible Type Collectible Name Edition Count
1 Carbon Frontside Cab Tony Hawk Carbon Frontside Cab #’d / 1,700 total
2 Carbon Finger Flip Tony Hawk Carbon Finger Flip #’d / 1,600 total
3 Carbon Gymnast Plant Tony Hawk Carbon Gymnast Plant #’d / 1,500 total
4 Carbon Magic Dance Tony Hawk Carbon Magic Dance #’d / 1,400 total
5 Carbon Varial 540 Tony Hawk Carbon Varial 540 #’d / 1,300 total
6 Platinum Frontside Cab Tony Hawk Platinum Frontside Cab #’d / 1,000 total
7 Platinum Finger Flip Tony Hawk Platinum Finger Flip #’d / 950 total
8 Platinum Gymnast Plant Tony Hawk Platinum Gymnast Plant #’d / 900 total
9 Platinum Magic Dance Tony Hawk Platinum Magic Dance #’d / 850 total
10 Platinum Varial 540 Tony Hawk Platinum Varial 540 #’d / 800 total
11 Emerald Frontside Cab Tony Hawk Emerald Frontside Cab #’d / 750 total
12 Emerald Finger Flip Tony Hawk Emerald Finger Flip #’d / 700 total
13 Emerald Gymnast Plant Tony Hawk Emerald Gymnast Plant #’d / 650 total
14 Emerald Magic Dance Tony Hawk Emerald Magic Dance #’d / 600 total
15 Emerald Varial 540 Tony Hawk Emerald Varial 540 #’d / 550 total
16 Sapphire Frontside Cab Tony Hawk Sapphire Frontside Cab #’d / 280 total
17 Sapphire Finger Flip Tony Hawk Sapphire Finger Flip #’d / 240 total
18 Sapphire Gymnast Plant Tony Hawk Sapphire Gymnast Plant #’d / 200 total
19 Sapphire Magic Dance Tony Hawk Sapphire Magic Dance #’d / 160 total
20 Sapphire Varial 540 Tony Hawk Sapphire Varial 540 #’d / 120 total
21 Ruby Frontside Cab Tony Hawk Ruby Frontside Cab #’d / 90 total
22 Ruby Finger Flip Tony Hawk Ruby Finger Flip #’d / 80 total
23 Ruby Gymnast Plant Tony Hawk Ruby Gymnast Plant #’d / 70 total
24 Ruby Magic Dance Tony Hawk Ruby Magic Dance #’d / 60 total
25 Ruby Varial 540 Tony Hawk Ruby Varial 540 #’d / 50 total
26 Carbon Immortal Statue Tony Hawk Carbon Premier Immortal Statue maximum of 1,300 available
27 Platinum Immortal Statue Tony Hawk Platinum Premier Immortal Statue maximum of 800 available
28 Emerald Immortal Statue Tony Hawk Emerald Premier Immortal Statue maximum of 550 available
29 Sapphire Immortal Statue Tony Hawk Sapphire Signed Immortal Statue maximum of 120 available
30 Ruby Immortal Statue Tony Hawk Ruby Signed Immortal Statue maximum of 50 available
  • Collectibles 1 - 25: Potential collectibles within the “mystery container”
  • Collectibles 26 - 30 (Immortal Statues): Collectibles that users who complete Sets of Collectibles and meet the other Eligibility Criteria by the ‘Activation Deadline’ will receive. Cannot be obtained directly from purchase of an individual Mystery Container.