The Preseason Access Passes are not only collectible items from the first-ever NFT collections dropped by Autograph and our partners, but, as mentioned, they also give pass holders preferential access to another upcoming Autograph drop, which will be “Regular Season Collections” featuring the same icons as the Preseason Access Passes. Sales of those collections will begin in November 2021. For example, if you hold a Tom Brady Preseason Access Pass, you will receive preferential access to his collection: the “Tom Brady Regular Season Collection.” Purchasers of these collectibles will have these unique digital keepsakes, and will have the opportunity, if they like, to collect complete sets to receive Exclusive Collectibles. Keep an eye out for more information about these collections and for the official Terms & Conditions, but here’s an early view into the highlights of how preferential access will work!

How will the preferential access to Regular Season Collections work?

  • Two (2) days prior to the public drop, there will be an “Early Access Period.”
  • In order to be eligible for the “Early Access Period”, users must own a Preseason Access Pass (or Preseason Access Passes) for that icon partner by the Early Access Deadline.
  • The Early Access Deadline will be three (3) hours before the Early Access Period for each icon’s Regular Season Collection.
  • The Early Access Period will open at 3:00 pm ET on a designated date. Only users who hold that icon’s Preseason Access Pass at noon (12:00 pm) ET on that same day (as determined by Autograph) will be entitled to participate in the Early Access Period.
  • Users who qualify to participate in the Early Access Period will be eligible to go to the DraftKings Marketplace and purchase a number of “mystery container(s),” as explained below.
  • The Early Access Period will close two days (48 hours) later at 3:00 pm ET.
  • Users eligible for the Early Access Period can purchase their mystery container(s) at any time within the Early Access Period without having to join a waiting room or enter a queue.
  • Two (2) hours after the close (end) of the Early Access Period, if supplies are available, the “Public Drop” will begin.
  • During the Public Drop, any user (regardless of whether they hold a preseason pass) will be allowed to navigate to the DraftKings Marketplace, join the waiting room and be placed in a queue to purchase any mystery container(s) remaining after the Early Access Period, while supplies last.

How many “mystery containers” will each user eligible for the “Early Access Period” be able to purchase?

  • The number of mystery containers a user is eligible to purchase during the Early Access Period depends on the Preseason Access Passes owned at the time of the “Early Access Deadline.”
  • See table below for the number of mystery containers that a user may purchase, while supplies last, based on the Preseason Access Passes held at the Early Access Deadline:
      • Example: If I held one (1) Tom Brady Carbon Signed and two (2) Tom Brady Sapphire Premier at the Early Access Deadline, I am eligible to purchase up to twelve (12) mystery containers (6 + 3 + 3) during the Early Access Period.
      • Example: If I held one (1) Tom Brady Ruby Signed and three (3) Tom Brady Carbon Premier at the Early Access Deadline, I am eligible to purchase up to twenty-eight (28) mystery containers (25 + 1 + 1 + 1) during the Early Access Period.
Preseason Access Pass Type # of Mystery Containers Allowed to Purchase Per Pass*
Ruby Signed 25
Sapphire Signed 14
Emerald Signed 10
Platinum Signed 6
Carbon Signed 6
Ruby Premier 4
Sapphire Premier 3
Emerald Premier 2
Platinum Premier 1
Carbon Premier 1
(*) - Subject to adjustments.

How many “mystery containers” are users eligible to purchase during the “Public Drop”?

  • For any mystery containers available for the Public Drop, any user will be eligible to purchase a maximum of one (1) mystery container per user regardless of what Preseason Access Passes that user holds, while supplies last.

When can users open the “mystery container(s)”?

  • Users can open their mystery containers starting on the “Reveal Date.” The “Reveal Date” is seven (7) days after the start of the “Early Access Period” (e.g. if the Early Access Period starts on 11/9 at 3pm ET, users can open their mystery containers on 11/16 at 3pm ET).

Do users have to open their “mystery container(s)”?

  • No. As mentioned above, users cannot open their mystery container(s) until the “Reveal Date.” However, that doesn‘t mean users have to open their mystery container(s) on the “Reveal Date.” Users can decide to not open their mystery container(s).

What is inside of the “mystery container”?

  • Any mystery container holds one of twenty-five (25) possible collectibles.
  • At the time of mystery container purchase, the purchaser will not know which of the 25 collectibles is within the mystery container. (That’s part of the experience -- finding out what collectible is within your mystery container!)
  • Those twenty-five (25) collectibles are made up of five (5) collectible types, and each collectible type is available in five (5) tiers (Carbon, Platinum, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby).
  • The five (5) collectible types are five (5) unique items which were chosen personally by the icon partner based on the item’s meaning to the icon’s career.
  • The specific collectible types for each icon partner will be made available in a subsequent blog post.

How do I collect?

  • Users who collect all five (5) collectible types in a given tier (e.g. Carbon / Platinum / Emerald / Sapphire / Ruby) can complete a “Set.”
  • Illustrative example below:
      • The icon partner is “Jane Doe,” who is a basketball player.
      • The five (5) collectible types for the “Jane Doe Regular Season Collection” are: Basketball, Sneakers, Hoop, Jersey, Sweatband.
      • If I own the following five (5) collectibles, I complete the Ruby “Set”:
          • Jane Doe Ruby Basketball
          • Jane Doe Ruby Sneakers
          • Jane Doe Ruby Hoop
          • Jane Doe Ruby Jersey
          • Jane Doe Ruby Sweatband
  • The Activation Deadline for each Regular Season Collection will be on the seventh (7th) day after the “Reveal Date” (e.g. if the ‘Early Access Period’ start date is 11/9, the ‘Reveal Date’ is 11/16 & the ‘Activation Deadline’ is 11/23). A user who completes and holds at the Activation Deadline one or more “Sets” and satisfies the other eligibility criteria set out in the Terms and Conditions will receive an Exclusive Collectible to complete the Regular Season Collection.
  • To receive their Exclusive Collectible, users also will have to have successfully linked their DraftKings profile to their profile on at the Activation Deadline (please see the Terms and Conditions for full details).
  • The Exclusive Collectible is a digital statue rendition of the partner whose Set the user completed.
  • The Exclusive Collectible will be in the same rarity tier of the Set completed (i.e. if you completed a “Ruby” Set, your Exclusive Collectible will be in the “Ruby” tier).
  • The Sapphire & Ruby versions of the Exclusive Collectible (statue) will be signed by the partner while the Carbon, Platinum & Emerald versions of that statue will be unsigned. The statue in each rarity tier is different from the statue in any other rarity tier.