On July 7, 2023, Autograph co-founder Tom Brady asked a relatively straightforward question: “Who is the biggest Michigan Wolverines fan?” Is it the fan in head-to-toe Maize and Blue in attendance at every Michigan home game? Or, maybe it is the fan who has never missed a snap from their decked out basement filled floor-to-ceiling with every piece of memorabilia imaginable. Tom’s call to action was clear, and the search for the biggest fan had to begin among the most passionate Wolverine communities. Enter MGoBlog, a University of Michigan sports blog founded in 2004 focused on comprehensive coverage of U-M athletics. After discussing Brady’s call to action with Seth Fisher, co-founder of MGoBlog, he answered without hesitation: “Oh that’s easy. I know who he is, and he’s been to every home game for the last 30 years.” Boom, that’s it then, right? Not exactly. While attending games is clearly an amazing act of fandom, it is an act limited to those living in, or who can travel to, Ann Arbor every Saturday. How else could we give people a chance to prove their fandom? In coordination with Seth and MGoBlog, Autograph launched its first ever “Michigan Fan Flex Challenge” inviting MGoBlog readers to answer 15 Michigan Football trivia questions against the clock. Whoever answered the most questions correctly in the shortest period of time would rise to the top of the leaderboard. At the end of the contest, thousands of Wolverine fans had completed the trivia, and top performers were given the chance to purchase exclusive signed memorabilia provided by Valiant Management Group, a sports marketing agency that’s leading the charge to support the Michigan athletic program and create revenue opportunities for its student-athletes. With the first trivia challenge completed and the signed rewards claimed, it is now time to unveil the Ultimate Michigan Wolverine Fan Leaderboard. Head on over to MGoBlog for the full leaderboard and the next set of challenges that will take place weekly throughout the college football season. Are you a Michigan fan? Get involved in the action, see where you rank, level up, and earn opportunities for exclusive and authentic rewards, all season long. Our goal at Autograph is to reward fans in meaningful and memorable ways for their daily acts of fandom. Proving knowledge through trivia is just the beginning. Soon, the actions you take on a daily basis will allow you to climb the leaderboard, while giving you access to rewards and perks. Follow along for updates on the future of fandom. Up next: more Michigan online communities and our first challenge with a soon-to-be B1G rival. The future of fandom is here, and we’re excited to build it with you. Russell Paulson