What is Electric Forest?

Electric Forest is a four-day festival immersed in the green forests of Rothbury, Michigan. It's a place like no other—combining the best of music, art, nature, and the dedicated “Forest Family” community for an unforgettable experience. This year, Electric Forest takes place June 23 through June 26.

What types of NFTs will Autograph be offering as part of the Electric Forest 2022 Forest Tokens Collection?

For this collection, Autograph is offering two (2) types of NFTs:
  • Sherwood Pinecones
  • Electric Auras

Tell me more about the Sherwood Pinecones!

On June 10th, 2022, Electric Forest wristband holders will receive an email with a link to redeem a Sherwood Pinecone. These tokens commemorate attendance at the 2022 Festival. Navigate to https://electricforestfestival.com/tokens for detailed instructions! There are five [5] different versions of these Sherwood Pinecones:
  1. Ruby
  2. Citrine
  3. Jade
  4. Turquoise
  5. Amethyst
One version is randomly assigned to each user upon redemption until quantity and/or deadline is reached. Each version grants the token holder a unique perk at the Festival. To claim your perk, visit the Autograph booth on-site at the Festival. See table below for all the timing you need to know (which Autograph reserves the right to change).
Sherwood Pinecone Redemption Date / Time
Redemption Link is Emailed to all Ticket Purchasers 6/10/2022 at or around 12:00pm ET
Deadline to Redeem 6/28/2022 by 11:59pm ET
Please Note: While redemption will be open through 6/28/22, many perks will require on-site pick up; we suggest you redeem your NFT before arriving at the Festival.

What utility is associated with the Sherwood Pinecones?

Collectible Name Utility
Sherwood Pinecone: Ruby Hot Air Balloon Ride for two (2)
Sherwood Pinecone: Citrine Ultimate Good Life Experience for two (2)
Sherwood Pinecone: Jade Secret Hangar Experience for two (2)
Sherwood Pinecone: Turquoise Ferris Wheel Ride for two (2)
Sherwood Pinecone: Amethyst Exclusive Autograph Merchandise
Further details on what’s included in each perk and how to claim onsite will be sent to each holder by email after redemption! In order to redeem the NFTs and be eligible for the utility above, users must:
  • Establish an Autograph account
  • Present wristband onsite with the same code that was used to redeem the NFT

Tell me more about the Make Your Own Electric Auras!

Autograph will have a sponsor booth at Electric Forest 2022. Festival-goers can come to the booth and have the exciting opportunity to create their own Electric Aura NFT [one (1) NFT per person]. To participate, users must provide an email address on-site and agree to Autograph's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and the Electric Forest 2022 Official Terms & Conditions. After the Festival, users will receive an emailed link to view their Electric Aura in their Autograph account.
Electric Aura Redemption Date / Time
Redemption Link is Emailed to all Participants 24-48 Hours after Festival (Subject to Change)
Deadline to Redeem Electric Aura 7/10/2022 at 11:59pm ET
For more information about the Electric Forest 2022 Forest Token Collection, ​​please see the Electric Forest 2022 Official Terms & Conditions.