At Autograph, we are always actively striving to improve our platform to cultivate the best collector experience. As part of our continual efforts to improve the Autograph experience, a new update to Collector Score (CS) has just been released. This update addresses much of the feedback our community has given with regards to CS and how it can best reflect the true spirit of collecting. This post will highlight these changes as well as answer some fundamental questions on the nature of the update.

Q: Why has my Collector Score changed with this update?

A: Congratulations! You either held a Founding Member badge, had a completed set(s), or held signed NFT(s) and this activity was immediately updated as part of this change.

Q: How has Collector Score changed?

A: CS is being adjusted for future NFT drops and will focus on the following:
  • Rewarding CS for our Founding Members (via the Founding Member badge)
  • Increasing CS for signed NFTs to reward our top collectors
  • Increasing Challenge Completion Bonus to promote true collecting
  • Rebalancing CS for unsigned NFTs by adjusting points down
  • Adding CS for activity on Discord as well as Autograph site activity

Q: How much Collector Score is the Founding Member badge?

A: Collectors with the Founding Member badge have been awarded 2,500 CS. This is geared toward rewarding our early adopters and we will continue to look into improving the experience for our early collectors.

Q: How has Collector Score changed for signed NFTs?

A: There has been a slight boost for all current signed NFTs. Future drops will be increased at a higher rate and values will be listed with blog posts associated with each future drop.

Q: How has “Challenge Completion Bonus” improved?

A: Challenge Completion Bonus Points are now equal to Twice (2) the sum of “Collectible Points” for all the collectibles within that challenge. An increase that incentivizes more challenge completion.

Q: How has Collector Score changed for unsigned NFTs?

A: Collector Score points have not changed for existing unsigned NFTs and therefore the Collector Score for an individual collector will not go down with this update. Future unsigned NFTs will receive a lower allocation and values will be listed with blog posts associated with each future drop.

Q: How will collector score be determined for Discord activity?

A: There are 5 Discord actions that will count toward a collector’s overall CS*. More to be added in the future!
Action Description Details
Joining Broadcasts Joining Discord broadcasts will reward CS. Users will be rewarded +5 CS for joining a broadcast. Max of +5 per week.
Sending Messages Being an active member of the community and communicating with other collectors will earn collectors CS. This is capped and spamming messages will get a collector promptly banned from Discord. Users will be rewarded +1 CS for sending a message in Discord (for messages longer than 20 characters). Max of +3 per day.
Reacting and Taking Role When a collector first joins the server and clicks on “Join The Community!”, they will receive CS. +2 CS. This action cannot be repeated.
Role/username Sync When a collector types in the command “/update” to sync their Autograph account with Discord, they will receive CS. +2 CS. This action cannot be repeated.
Feedback Polls Answering feedback polls sent out by Autograph will reward collectors with CS. Users will be rewarded +5 CS for completing any Autograph Discord poll. Max of +5 per week.
(*) - Discord actions will only begin to reward CS once successfully linked to an Autograph account, and Autograph reserves the right to decline to award CS for any reason, including (without limitation) if it determines that a user’s participation in Discord is threatening, abusive or otherwise detrimental to the community. **Discord Actions have been updated as of 4/25/22

Q: How will collector score be determined for activity on the Autograph website?

A: There are 5 site actions that will count toward a collector’s overall CS. More to be added in the future!
Action Description
Wallet Linking Linking a self-custody wallet on the Autograph platform
Mint username Minting your unique username
Link DraftKings Account Linking your DraftKings account to your collector profile
Set Profile Photo Setting a profile photo for your Autograph account
Add Bio Adding a bio to enhance your profile

Q: How is my collector score determined with the new changes?

A: Collector Score = Total “Collectible Points” + Total “Challenge Completion Bonus Points” + Total “Discord Points” + Total “On-site Activity Points”

Q: Can challenges be completed multiple times?

A: At this time, challenges can only be completed once and the bonus can only be redeemed once. We are actively looking at ways to better enhance the challenge experience and are always looking to improve them in the future!

Q: When do all these changes take effect?

A: Effective Immediately:
  • Slight boost to signed NFTs
  • Founding Member badge rewards CS
  • Challenge Completion Bonus increase
  • CS rewarded for Discord activity
  • CS rewarded for Autograph website activity
Coming Soon:
  • Greater boost for future signed NFTs
  • CS balancing for future unsigned NFTs
Collector Score points do not have any monetary value. Autograph is continually reviewing community feedback and enjoyment of Collector Score. Collector Score is subject to change as Autograph aims to create the best experience and may make changes in the future to better optimize the experience for the community and all collectors. We continue to develop and update the Collector Score to appropriately recognize our collectors, so keep an eye out for future updates! Please refer to the prior blog posts (1 & 2) on Collector Score for more information.