When is the drop for Resolve: The Naomi Osaka Manga Collection?

Naomi Osaka’s regular season collection will include two (2) tiers of collectibles, featuring incredible artwork created by her sister Mari Osaka. These illustrations, presented as Manga cover images, represent Naomi’s drive, strength and resolve. Manga are comics or graphic novels originating in Japan. You’ll notice that there are a few changes with Naomi’s collection compared to earlier regular season collections. First, it doesn’t include an “Activation Deadline.” Autograph has future (and separate) plans for Naomi’s immortal statues so please stay tuned. Please also keep an eye out for the official Terms and Conditions specific to this particular Drop!
Icon Collection Resolve: The Naomi Osaka Manga Collection
Early Access Deadline 1/18/2022 at 3pm ET
Early Access Period Start Time 1/18/2022 at 5pm ET
Early Access Period End Time 1/20/2022 at 3pm ET
Public Drop Start Time 1/20/2022 at 5pm ET
Reveal Date 1/25/2022 at 3pm ET

How will preferential access work for Naomi’s drop?

Holding any Naomi Osaka Premier Preseason Access Pass NFT entitles the user to purchase one (1) Naomi Osaka Mystery Container during the Early Access Period. Holding Signed Naomi Osaka Preseason Access Pass NFTs entitles the user to purchase more Mystery Containers per signed pass held, depending on the tier of that signed pass. See table below for a breakdown of the number of mystery containers a user is allowed to purchase in the Early Access Period per Pass held.
Preseason Access Pass Type # of Mystery Containers Allowed to Purchase in Early Access Period Per Pass*
Naomi Osaka Carbon Premier 1
Naomi Osaka Platinum Premier 1
Naomi Osaka Emerald Premier 1
Naomi Osaka Sapphire Premier 1
Naomi Osaka Ruby Premier 1
Naomi Osaka Carbon Signed 2
Naomi Osaka Platinum Signed 2
Naomi Osaka Emerald Signed 3
Naomi Osaka Sapphire Signed 6
Naomi Osaka Ruby Signed 12
(*) - Subject to adjustments For example, if User A held the following NFTs at the Early Access Deadline, User A would be eligible to purchase seventeen (17) Naomi Osaka Mystery Containers during the Early Access Period:
  • Naomi Osaka Carbon Premier Preseason Access Pass (+1)
  • Naomi Osaka Carbon Premier Preseason Access Pass (+1)
  • Naomi Osaka Emerald Premier Preseason Access Pass (+1)
  • Naomi Osaka Platinum Signed Preseason Access Pass (+2)
  • Naomi Osaka Ruby Signed Preseason Access Pass (+12)
Following the Early Access Period, the remaining Mystery Containers will be available for sale in a Public Drop. Any user can initially purchase one (1) Mystery Container in the Public Drop, regardless of whether or not they hold a Preseason Access Pass, while supplies last.

How many Naomi Osaka collectibles will be available? How much do they cost?

Icon Collection Resolve: The Naomi Osaka Manga Collection
Total Collectible Quantity in all Naomi Osaka Mystery Containers 11,000
Price Per Naomi Osaka Mystery Container USD $40.00
Collectible Per Mystery Container One

What are the collectibles I could receive in my Naomi Osaka mystery container?

Each Mystery Container you purchase could have a different Collectible inside. By purchasing a mystery container, you’re accepting that you are purchasing one of the Collectibles below.
# Rarity Collectible Type Collectible Name Edition Count
1 Fantasy Edition Maneki-Neko Naomi Osaka Maneki-Neko #’d / 4,000 total
2 Fantasy Edition Ushi Naomi Osaka Ushi #’d / 2,500 total
3 Fantasy Edition Kagami Naomi Osaka Kagami #’d / 1,750 total
4 Fantasy Edition Hana Naomi Osaka Hana #’d / 1,000 total
5 Fantasy Edition Yōsei Naomi Osaka Yōsei #’d / 750 total
6 Gallery Edition Maneki-Neko Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Maneki-Neko #’d / 500 total
7 Gallery Edition Ushi Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Ushi #’d / 250 total
8 Gallery Edition Kagami Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Kagami #’d / 150 total
9 Gallery Edition Hana Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Hana #’d / 75 total
10 Gallery Edition Yosei Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Yosei #’d / 25 total