Back in July 2021, Autograph announced its partnership with Lionsgate as our launch partner for the entertainment vertical, with plans to create NFTs based on Lionsgate’s top film and TV properties. Those plans are now a reality. As we near Halloween, Autograph will drop our first collection in partnership with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures’ iconic horror film franchise: Saw. Here’s an overview of the drop, but keep an eye out for the official Terms and Conditions as we get closer to this terrifying event!

When are the Saw collection drops?

  • The Saw Chapter 1 Collection drops are scheduled for Tuesday (10/26/2021) and Thursday (10/28/2021)
  • On Tuesday (10/26/2021), there will be five (5) drops with the first one starting at 3pm ET
  • On Thursday (10/28/2021), there will be six (6) drops with the first one starting at 2pm ET
  • Tuesday’s (10/26/2021) drops will feature iconic “traps” from the Saw franchise
  • Thursday’s (10/28/2021) drops will feature matching “schematics” (i.e. blueprints) from those traps and a “key”
  • Users should go to the DraftKings Marketplace starting thirty (30) minutes prior to each drop to join the waiting room (e.g. waiting room opens at 1:30pm ET for the first drop on 10/28/2021)

What makes these NFTs one-of-a-kind collectibles for any fan?

  • Traps are one of the primary focuses of the Saw franchise. These traps are set by the infamous Jigsaw killer to offer his victims a chance at redemption. See the table at the bottom of this blog post for the specific traps available.
  • Schematics are the blueprints which depict the design of the traps, emphasizing Jigsaw’s skill in building the traps.
  • Keys serve as items that can unlock individuals from their traps as seen in the Saw films. They are the critical missing piece required to complete any collection and unlock the first step into “Jigsaw’s Workshop”.

How do I collect?

  • Users who collect the following three (3) collectibles complete a “set”:
    • Trap
    • Schematic (the one that matches the trap)
    • Key (any of them)
  • A completed “set” requires at least one key for every combination of trap and schematic
  • A user who completes a set and holds it at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on Halloween Night, 10/31/21 (the ‘Activation Deadline’) and satisfies the other criteria set out in the Terms and Conditions will be eligible to receive a “Jigsaw’s Workshop” NFT from Autograph
  • If they satisfy the other conditions, a user will be eligible for one (1) Jigsaw’s Workshop per unique set
  • There will be a maximum of 1,000 editions of Jigsaw’s Workshop from Autograph
  • To be eligible, a user must hold at least one complete set, and also have completed both of the following actions:
    • The user must have established an account on and linked their DraftKings account to their Autograph account by the Activation Deadline
    • User must have successfully associated their Metamask or Coinbase wallet with their profile on

Can I get an example?

  • At the Activation Deadline (11:59pm ET on 10/31/2021), if you’ve completed the other necessary steps and you own the following NFTs . . .
    • Reverse Beartrap
    • Death Mask Trap
    • Reverse Beartap Schematic
    • Death Mask Schematic
    • Key
. . . you would be eligible for only one (1) Jigsaw’s Workshop since you only have one key.
  • But if you’ve completed the necessary steps and own the following NFTs at the ‘Activation Deadline’ (11:59pm ET on 10/31/2021) . . .
    • Reverse Beartrap
    • Death Mask Trap
    • Reverse Beartap Schematic
    • Death Mask Schematic
    • Key
    • Key
. . . you would be eligible for two (2) Jigsaw’s Workshops since one key completes the “Reverse Beartrap” set and the other key completes the “Death Mask” set. All Jigsaw’s Workshops have the same content.

Anything else we should know about?

  • The traps (sold on Tuesday 10/26/2021) will include “unlockable content” viewable only on including:
    • A realistic 3D model of the trap the user purchased
    • A script selection from the screenplay which describes the trap as it is first introduced in the Saw universe
  • The schematics (sold on Thursday, 10/28/2021) will include “unlockable content” viewable only on including:
    • A 2D image of the schematic (blueprint), which can be explored
  • This content can be “unlocked” by viewing the NFT in your user profile on
  • For the NFT to appear within your user profile and to unlock the content, you must properly link your DraftKings account to your profile on (see below)

How do I link my DraftKings account to my profile on

  • Navigate to
  • Navigate to your profile (by clicking your profile picture in the upper right)
  • If you receive an error message reading, “your DraftKings profile link expired, re-link to see your collectibles,” click “Re-link Account”
  • If your accounts are already linked, you will see the NFTs owned in your Profile
  • If you never linked your DraftKings account before, just follow the prompts

How do I link my Metamask or Coinbase wallet to my profile on Autograph.IO?

  • From the top navigation bar, click on your profile and then "Settings"
  • Click on "My Wallet"
  • Click on the Metamask or Coinbase icon and follow the prompts in your browser or wallet mobile app.

How many of each item are available? Can you remind me of the drop times?

Day Time Collectible Name Quantity Price
10/26 3pm ET Laser Collar Trap 1,000 $60
10/26 4pm ET Bucket Head Trap 900 $70
10/26 5pm ET Water Cube Trap 800 $80
10/26 6pm ET Death Mask Trap 700 $90
10/26 7pm ET Reverse Beartrap 600 $100
10/28 2pm ET Laser Collar Schematic 600 $100
10/28 3pm ET Bucket Head Schematic 700 $90
10/28 4pm ET Water Cube Schematic 800 $80
10/28 5pm ET Death Mask Schematic 900 $70
10/28 6pm ET Reverse Beartrap Schematic 1,000 $60
10/28 7pm ET Key 1,000 $200
10/31 11:59pm ET Jigsaw’s Workshop 1,000 (max) n/a
If there are any additional questions or you need help, please feel free to reach out to the #help channel under the ‘Questions’ section of the Autograph Discord channel (link). For a full explanatory video from Saw actor Tobin Bell, please take a look at this Instagram Post.